'Look, I am strong' explains: What are cells? What are bloodcells? What do cells do? What is a tumor? How can a little cell change into a cancercell?

" I find this work very good." Professor, Doctor, Head of clinic, Associate Professor, Pediatric Hemato-oncology and Neuro-oncology, University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Laboratory of Pediatric Immunology.

" Optimistic, cheerful and very educational. Your drawings are very dinamic, really something to cherish." Dr. hemato-oncologie at children's hospital, University Hospital Gasthuisberg.

" Very nice and readable. I read it with pleasure." Clinical psychologist at children's hospital, University Hospital Gasthuisberg.

How to order a dummy

The Dutch version is ready and is available as a dummy. This costs 42, - euro. Currently, we are also working hard on the translations. These will be ready soon. The intention is to publish this book also in French, English, German, Turkish and Arabic version so we can help more children and we can lower the price per book. The more orders, the better for the young patient.

Every company, hospital, relief fund, ... can participate.
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Noozi already got very possitive reactions
'Look, I am strong' is a children's book that very well explains what cancer is and what is happening in a child's body. It ends with a possitive note; you also can get better! To make it affordable or possibly even free for patients and their parents, Noozi is looking for partners to publish this book with.
Noozi is looking for partners, hospitals, funds,...